Creation of Custom Infotype with multiple Subtypes

By Piyush Mathur, Tata Consultancy Services

SAP provides many standard infotypes to maintain employee data. In addition to this, we can either create a custom Infotype or enhance the standard infotype as per the business requirements.  

Below is the step by step procedure to create Custom Infotype with Multiple Subtypes with different screen for each subtype.  

PM01 is the transaction to create Custom Infotype. It can also be used to enhance the standard infotype.  

Execute the Transaction PM01.  


Enter the Infotype number 9900 (number range from 9000 to 9999 can be used for Custom infotypes).

Select Employee infotype radio button.

Select PS structure under Subobjects.

Click on Edit Button.  

The following screen would appear to maintain custom infotype fields.  

Enter Short Description for PS structure and enter required fields.  

For the demo purpose, we have considered some fields to maintain Employee Address details. We will create two different subtypes for Home Address and Business Address.  


Now select Extras from menu and Select 'Enhancement Category'


A pop screen would appear. Select the option 'Can be enhanced ( character type)’ and press Copy.  

After copying, activate the PS structure. Provide the necessary package and transport request details.  

Now click on Generate objects.  


Now we need to main the infotype characteristics. (This screen is maintenance view for V_T582A).  


Now click on new Entries.

Maintain the mandatory infotype characteristics i.e. Time Constraints, Screen No and press back to come to PM01 screen.  


Now Click on Technical Attributes on PM01 Screen.

Now click on Change Button.

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