Step by Step instruction for IBAN implementation in SAP HR Infotypes

By Piyush Mathur, Tata Consultancy Services

Definition of IBAN (International Bank Account Number)  

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an international standard for identifying bank accounts across national borders with a minimal of risk of propagating transcription errors. It was originally adopted by the European Committee for Banking Standards (ECBS), and was later adopted as an international standard under ISO 13616:1997 and now as ISO 13616-1:2007  

Bank identifiers vary from country to country. Many European countries have no system of bank number or sort codes. The recipient bank is often encrypted in the recipient account number. The IBAN enables the account, bank, and country of a payee to be determined in the same way in each country, thereby eliminating problems in cross-border payment transactions.  

Structure of IBAN  

The IBAN is a combination of country key, check digit, and the country-specific account number. It can be used instead of the bank details to give unique identification of an account.  

The IBAN is an alphanumeric string of a maximum of 34 characters. Its length can be determined by individual countries.

Only numerical characters (0 – 9) and capital letters (A – Z) are permitted.  

Example of IBAN:  

The following table shows an example of an IBAN in Germany : DE77123456781234567890 





Country Code

Check Digit

Bank Number

Customer Account Number

IBAN in SAP HR Infotypes:  

Below infotypes can be maintained for IBAN :  

  • Bank Details (infotype 0009)
  • External Bank Transfers (infotype 0011)
  • Membership Fees (infotype 0057)  

Steps to add IBAN field in Infotypes:  

IBAN filed can be added in Infotypes by activating the switch in table T77S0.  

Currently there is no IBAN field avaliable in IT0009.  

Now activate the switch. Go to T code SM31 and open V_T77S0 for maintenance.  

Now maintain values ‘S’ for ADMIN and IBAN to activate the switch.  

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