Creating and designing HR Forms

By Ribhu Ahuja, TCS

This tutorial explains about creating HRFORMS in HR module of SAP using t code HRFORMS. A complete HR form is an executable report with its own selection screen in the SAP System. HRFORMS use the data available from Metanets.

Concept of Metanet, Metastar, Metadimension, Infonet, Infostar and Infodimension.

The MetaNet is a view SAP HR data which can be printed in a form – adobe interactive or smartform. It covers all the data in SAP HR module which can be printed.

A MetaNet contains MetaStars, which are the individual data sources e.g. employee metastar would contain details about the employee, his address, name etc.

The MetaStar is a view of data that can be read from a specific source of data e.g. from a particular infotype or from a particular HR table – for payroll or time.

The metastar, in turn contain metadimensions and metafigures. The MetaDimension is a complete description of a business object and it contains the relevant business object data – metafields which are either key fields or attributes. A MetaDimension can be used in several MetaStars.

MetaFields are the fields values or information that exist in a MetaDimension. Each MetaField is part of the key that specifies the MetaDimension in full, or an attribute, a further characteristic of the MetaDimension.

Similarly, Infonets, Infostars, Infodimensions and Infofields are the objects which are available in the HRFORM for displaying HR data and are similar to Metanets, metastars, metadimensions and metafields.  We can find more details about Metanets using the T code HRFORMS_METADATA.


The first screen of HRFORMS contains all the forms available. In order to create a new form, let us click on the create button. 



It asks for form name, country grouping and form class. Give the details as shown and for form class, choose PAYSLIP. We can also go for other types of forms. The difference lies in the various types of metastars that would be available to us while creating the forms. For instance, NONE type forms would show all metastars from which we can fetch data except time metastars. TIME type forms would contain only time metastars and none or limited data about other types. So as we chose PAYSLIP type, we see the following screen:

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