Tutorials on HR-ABAP

For tutorials on HCM Process and Forms, click here.

Step-by-Step Tutorials

  • Optimization process of reading & writing of SAP HR master data through buffers (More details) NEW
  • Selection Views in SAP ABAP (HR) (More details) NEW
  • Procedure to configure change documents for Personnel Administration (PA) and Organization Management (OM) Infotypes (More details) NEW
  • Procedure for uploading employee photos into SAP-HR IT002 (More details)
  • Mass Upload photo/ image against particular personnel number in HR master data in custom info type (More details)
  • Calculate and Default wage type amount in infotype 0008 (basic salary) (More details)
  • Step by Step instructions to create Report Category for LDB for ABAP HR (More details)
  • How to create File layout using Transaction PU12 (More details)
  • PU12 – Interface Tool Box in SAP HR (More details)
  • Overview on Feature (More details)
  • Demo on Feature creation (More details)
  • Step by Step instruction for IBAN implementation in SAP HR Infotypes (More details)
  • Creating a custom Metanet (More details)
  • How to Store Simulation Payroll Result for any Reconciliation (More details)
  • How to refine a HCM Process and display the HCM Form in the browser from MSS (More details)
  • Creating Payroll Operation (More details)
  • Modifying Wage Type Amount value in transaction PA20 and PA30 (More details)
  • Payslip through PE51 – adding custom fields from info types (More details
  • Creation of Custom Infotype with multiple Subtypes (More details)
  • Maintaining the log for HCM report executions (More details)
  • Adding a Column Owner to an Appraisal Template in Performance Management Module (ECM) of SAP ABAP HR (More details)
  • HRA/CLA Exemption Derivations (More details)
  • Configuring events for HR Workflow (More details)
  • Printing remuneration statement (Pay slips) using HR Forms (More details
  • Creating and designing the HR Forms (More details)
  • Displaying Employee Photo dynamically on the selection-screen (More details)
  • Infotypes with buttons and huge data fields stored in cluster tables (More details)
  • Hiding fields of an infotype (More details)
  • Enhancing a Standard infotype (More details)
  • Creating Organization Management Infotype (More details)
  • Creating HR Report category in PNP logical database (More details)
  • Linking SAP User-id to Personnel No (More details)
  • Maintaining Employee Master Data in HR 
  • ALV report  listing all the infotypes that are customized in a SAP system  with the structure name (More details
  • Demo program using the logical database PNP (More details
  • Difference between logical databases PNP and PNPCE (More details
  • Retrieving the details of the user using the SAP User-id (More details)
  • Creating an Organizational Structure (More details)

HCM Process and Forms

  • Part 1: This is a very basic HCM Process and Forms scenario which uses the PA model and reads one additional InfoType 0001 field for displaying on the form (More details)
  • Part 2: Address Type 0006, Subtype 4 is included into the form for allowing employees to change address details. (More details)
  • HCM Process and Forms – Drop Down List box with Round Trip (More details) NEW
  • Creation of Generic services in HCM Forms and Processes (More details) NEW
  • HCM Process and Forms – Custom Search Help (More details) NEW
  • Update Infotype 0041 Using Advance Generic Service (More details) NEW

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