Update Infotype 0041 Using Advance Generic Service

By Raja Narayanan

As in my previous tutorial I have explain about the custom search help [Link], here am re-using the same HCM Process and Forms object to update the infotype 0041(Date Specification) using Advance Generic Service.  

Why am not using the standard SAP backend service here because using the standard SAP_PA service we can’t update the specific date’s in this infotype 0041 as we could not able to see the fields to add in the form scenario.  

For example in the infotype 0041 you can see the fields like DAR01, DAR02…so on.

But when we try to add those fields via form scenario using SAP_PA backend service we could able to see only fields like DARDT and DATAR. But we really required DAR01 and DAT01, DAR02, DAT02 and so on. In order to achieve this functionality I have used the Advance Generic Service to update the Infotype 0041.  

Steps to update Infotype 0041 using Advance Generic Service.

Reused the same object which I have created earlier.

Created the Process                  : ZHELP

Created the Form Scenario        : ZHELP

Created the ISR Scenario          : ZHLP

Add the Backend-Service           : SAP_PA

Created Adobe Form                 : Z_ISR_HRASR_ZHLP

Created Interface                       : Z_ISR_IF_ZHLP  

Using Advance Generic Service (HRASR00GEN_SERVICE_ADVANCED)  

With the help of the standard BADI HRASR00GEN_SERVICE_ADVANCED we can update standard/custom infotypes based on our requirement.  

I have already created the HCM Process and Forms as specified above.

Here I have considered a scenario where we need to update the infotype 0041 using date specification fields as show below

The date fields DAT01, DAT02, and DAT03 we are going to get the values from the ADOBE form and using the standard advance generic service BADI we will update this infotype.  

First we need to create the Generic Service which will then communicate to the Process and forms.

Create the Backend Service with the name ZCUST_SERVICE by clicking on the “Definition” button.

After creating the “ZCUST_SERVICE” need to implement the BACKEND service. Come back to the previous screen and click the button “BADI(Ext. Functionality)”.  

A popup screen would appear as shown below. From this screen click on the create button

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