Configuring events for HR Workflow

By Sri lakshmi Lavanya Koduganti, CSC 

Scenario: Suppose you have created a Custom Infotype (Say 9048) and you want to trigger an event (Say ZRTW_INS event on the Business Object BUS1065) whenever a new record is inserted into this Infotype.

Step 1:  Go to TCode SWEHR1.

Click on New Entries tab

Step 2: Enter the following details

This links the Infotype with the Business Object.

Step 3: Go to TCode SWEHR3. Click on create “New entries” tab.

             Enter the following details.

Here Update op. indicates the operation, which triggers the event

At the bottom, Object type is the Business Object (which is already linked to the infotype 9048 in SWEHR1) and Event is the event on the Business Object.

Save the entries.

Now we have configured the event ZRTW_INS on the Business Object BUS1065 to trigger whenever a new record is inserted in IT9048.

We can also mention a Function module here instead of Event. This function module contains the code to trigger the event.

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