HCM Process and Forms - Drop Down List box with Round Trip

By Raja Narayanan

This Process explains about, how to create a drop down list box and populate values to it using custom service. Also it covers the roundtrip for the drop down list box values selected. The SAP help documentation already provided us how to create a drop down list box and how to use the round trip,  I will show you the steps in detail how to create it. (http://help.sap.com/saphelp_erp60_sp/helpdata/en/43/7a667df4ad6fc9e10000000a1553f6/content.htm)

Steps to create the Process and dropdown list box

Create  a Process called ZDROP_DOWN in Tcode HRAST_DT. A popup would appear to create the object. Click on Yes button

Give the Form Scenario name as 'ZDRP' and the reset values we no need to change.

Save the process in a customizing request when prompt to do so.


Now we will create the Form Scenario and link to the process.

From the same Tcode : HRASR_DT, select the Form scenario from the drop down and give the name as 'ZDRP' to create.

Give the ISR Name as ZDRPand click the button Suggest Form Name in the Form column; it will automatically suggest a ADOBE Form name as Z_ISR_HRASR_ZDRP.

By clicking ok, if will ask you to create a Interface for this Adobe form Z_ISR_HRASR_ZDRP with the interface name Z_ISR_IF_ZDRP. Click Yes button to proceed it will ask you for save in Workbench request. Process and Form scenario will be stored in Customizing request.

As in our scenario we are not going to update any infotypes and going to display the record as such, am considering the SAP standard example here for the Drop-down list box.

(If you have a dropdown list box for both Personnel Area and Personnel Subarea, the possible entries for the Personnel Subarea are dependent on the entry you select for Personnel Area. This means that the dropdown list box for the Personnel Area must trigger a roundtrip so that the possible entries for the Personnel Subarea can be re-determined. In contrast, the dropdown list box for the Personnel Subarea does not have to trigger a roundtrip.)

To achieve the roundtrip action, we need to do some coding in our custom service. So first we need to create a custom service in our form scenario.

From our Form scenario hierarchy select the Back-End Service and in the right tab you can see a Definition button. Click on the button and define a custom service name here.

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