Procedure to configure change documents for Personnel Administration (PA) and Organization Management (OM) Infotypes

By Nishanth Kumar Reddy Chenchu, HCL Technologies

Note: Below screen shots are taken from SAP ERP ECC6.0 Version

The infotype log creation function allows you to document all changes in HR master data records and create a record history. Following article explains the configuration to capture PA and OM infotypes audit log.

Part1 - Configuring PA Infotype audit log  

Below activities are involved to setup change documents for PA infotype.  

1. Determine the infotypes to be logged.

2. Define the field groups.

3. Determine the characteristics of the field groups and, if necessary, define the supplementary field groups.  

Additional notes:

You can display any changes made to PA infotype records with report Logged Changes in Infotype Data (RPUAUD00).  

Step1. Determine the infotypes to be logged.  

Consider carefully which infotypes and, if necessary, which infotype fields you want to create an infotype log for, as each document causes an entry to be made to the database.  

Example: Further article explains how to configure audit log for Infotype 0008 (Basic Pay).  

Go to IMG->Personnel Management->Personnel Administration->Tools->Revision->Set up change document

Below popup window will be displayed, double click on “HR documents: Infotypes to be logged”


Maintain the Infotype 0008 entry as shown below


Now “Save” the table entries and go back to “HR documents: Field group definition” as mentioned in below screen shot

Now maintain the new entry as highlighted in below screenshot.

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