Adding a Column Owner to an Appraisal Template in Performance Management Module (ECM) of SAP ABAP HR

By Srikanth Reddy Konde, IBM


This document gives technical information to add a Column Owner to an Appraisal Template in Performance Management Module (Compensation Management) of SAP ABAP HR. This scenario has been configured in SAP ECC6.0

Business Requirement:

In Performance Management module (ECM), SAP HR, based on client’s requirement, Appraisal Templates will be designed by the Functional people and additional requirements fulfillment is done by the developers using ABAP code.

The transaction code for creating and maintaining the Appraisal Templates is PHAP_CATALOG.

To give additional requirements for the Appraisal Templates, in SAP there are Business Add-Ins(BAdI) are available for obtaining the solutions.

Information on Appraisal Templates and the requirement:

An Appraisal Template consists of the below parts in it and categorized in a structure as mentioned below.

VA Appraisal template

VB Criteria Group

VC Criterion

At VA Appraisal template level, will contain a tab called Column Access. In this tab, there is a column named as Column Owner. Below screenshot is an example for it through transaction code PHAP_CATALOG.


Generally the standard SAP templates are provided with few Column Owner values like Appraiser (Ex: Manager), Appraisee (Ex: Employee)...Etc. The column owners will be given access (Change/Display/Hide) to the columns of the Appraisal documents. Whenever the user access the created Appraisal document of the Appraisal template, based on this, user can have Change/Display operations on document for the columns where in he will act as a Column Owner. 

Below screenshot is to view the some of SAP provided Column owner values.


In most of the times, client requirement is to add an additional column owner value in the list as per their requirement. To achieve this type of requirement, the technical information and also the configurations information are provided in the below section.

Technical and Configuration information to add a Column Owner to an Appraisal Template: 

For adding a Column Owner into an Appraisal Template, SAP Provides a Business Add-Ins(BAdI) name HRHAP00_COL_OWNER.

Appraisal Document - Column Owner (HRHAP00_COL_OWNER)

This Business Add-In (BAdI) enables you to create further implementations, in addition to the standard SAP Implementations, with which you can provide further column owners.

You can select the implementations in the appraisal catalog on the Column Access tab page.


Customizing: Check Owner Setting (Infotype 5023) (CUST_CHECK_SETTING)

This method checks, according to the settings in infotype 5023, whether the person is allowed as the column owner. Objective Settings and Appraisals 


FLT_VAL (Import Parameter)

Parameter FLT_VAL of method


T_APPER (Import Parameter) Appraiser Object Types

T_APPEE (Import Parameter) Appraisee Object Types

T_PART_APPER (Import Parameter) Part Appraiser Types

T_OTHER (Import Parameter) Object Types for Further Participants

SUBRC (Export Parameter) 0= Allowed; 4= Not Allowed



Check Column Owner (CHECK_COLUMN_OWNER)

Using the object ID of the user, this method determines whether or not this user is the column owner.

If the system determines that the current user is the column owner, an 'X' is entered for the indicator COLUMN_OWNER.

In this case, the user has all authorizations for the current column as entered in the Column Owner field in infotype 5023.


The method returns information as to whether or not the appraiser is the column owner. 


FLT_VAL (Import Parameter) Parameter FLT_VAL of method GET_COLUMN_OWNER

S_APPRAISAL_ID (Import Parameter) Appraisal ID

COLUMN_ID (Import Parameter) Appraisal Column ID

COLUMN_PART_AP_ID (Import Parameter) Part Appraisal ID

T_HEADER_APPRAISER (Import Parameter) Header - Appraiser

T_HEADER_APPRAISEE (Import Parameter) Header - Appraisee

T_HEADER_PART_APPRAISERS (Import Parameter) Header - Part Appraiser

T_HEADER_OTHERS (Import Parameter) Header - Further Participants

T_MYSELF (Import Parameter) My Objects

COLUMN_OWNER (Export Parameter) 'X'=Column Owner; ' '=Not Column Owner.



Captured screen through the transaction code SE18.



Implementing a custom Business Add-In(BAdI) for adding a Column Owner using HRHAP00_COL_OWNER

Go to Transaction code SE19, for creating the custom Business Add-In(BAdI), in Create Implementation tab, give BAdI Name as HRHAP00_COL_OWNER and click on Create Impl. Button.

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