Implementing BADI for the transactions VL02 & MM02

By Truptimaya Mishra, Capgemini India

Introduction to BADI 

  1. Based on OOPS concept.
  2. No access key required.
  3. All BADI’s can be seen in a class ‘CL_EXITHANDLER’.

Step 1:

Run the transaction SE24. Under object type put the class name ‘CL_EXITHANDLER’.

Click on display button. 

Under this class ‘CL_EXITHANDLER’ select the method ‘GET_INSTANCE’ and double click.

Under the method ‘GET_INSTANCE’ put break point on a function module called




Step 2:

Then according to the requirement run the transaction. In this example transaction code is VL02.

Run the transaction VL02. As in 1st step we have putted a break point, that function module will give all BADI used by the transaction in each screen and activity on the application (VL02).  


Under the parameter EXIT_NAME this debugger screen will give all BADI name for each screen.  


Each time press F8, you will get all BADI used for the screen. After that system will go for next screen.






1st screen of transaction VL02. 


Step 3:

Choose your BADI name and you can see the detail in transaction SE18. Lets take a BADI ‘BADI_LAYER’. Click on display button. 


Press F8 to get the details of the corresponding BADI. 


Here we can get the attribute and interface details of the BADI. As this one is screen BADI  sub-screen tab also is there. 


Step 4:

To implement the BADI, we have transaction SE19.

To create new BADI to implement the put your BADI name here. If the BADI is an enhancement-point then put the BADI name in option NEW BADI and if only BADI then put the name in CLASSIC BADI


Give the BADI name and click on create button. 


Press F8. 


Again press F8. Give an implementation name. Let it be ZTTTTT 


Give the description and select a suitable method double click to get into the method to put the ABAP code.

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