Working with User-Exits

By Santosh L.Ghonasgi, CAPGemini India

Enter the transaction VA01.


Go to menu System and select sub item status.

We will get the name of the program as (SAPMV45A). 


Now go to SE38 Editor and type the program name as SAPM45A.

And select  subobjects - attributes radio button and press Display.

Note the package name. In this case, it is VA 

Now go to SMOD Transaction (SMOD is used to find the enhancements and user exits.) 


Here if we enter the enhancement name it results the list of user exit names.

But we don’t known the Enhancement name so press the Utilities > Find  menu option.  


Press Execute  .


In the above enhancements our program name SAPMV45A Matches four enhancements. 

So, In the below enhancements we have to check the right one. 

  • V45A0001  - Determine alternative materials for product selection

  • V45A0002  - Predefine sold-to party in sales document            

  • V45A0003  - Collector for customer function module pool MV45A      

  • V45A0004  - Copy packing proposal into outbound Delivery.                              

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