Picking material description from custom table in the SAP Sales Order (VA01 and VA02) using enhancement framework

By Shaik Sajid, Selligence Technologies

This scenario would work from ECC6.0 onwards.

In Enhancement Framework, we can add our own Code at particular points.

While debugging the standard SAP program, we have to decide at which place we would need to write our own code. There we need to check whether enhancement can be implemented.  

Requirement: In Sales Order (VA01 & VA02), we have to pick the Material Description from Custom Table.



While debugging it is found that the code needs to be written in the FORM USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBAP. Now click on Enhance button as shown below.


It shows the screen as below :



Then it shows the Screen as below:


""" indicates we can write our code here. 

Now Right click on """"""""""""" and select Enhancement Implementation -> Create.

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