Customer exit for passing extra fields in Master data distribution using SMD tool (Shared master data tool)

By Rahul Manoj Mahajan, John Deere India Pvt. Ltd


This article will describe in detail how the customer exit can be used for passing some additional fields while distributing the master data using SMD tool.  

In this article, we will take the example of material master data and additional field we would be considering is change number (AENNR).


Distribution of some additional fields like change number in master data distribution using SMD tool.  

Steps to be followed:

Step1: Identify and Activate the Customer Exit.

In this example, we are taking the example of material master data and hence we need to first identify the FM where we can put our code for passing the additional fields to the IDOC.

For Material Master Data the FM which is getting called is MASTERIDOC_CREATE_MATMAS.

If we see in detail, the MARA data is being copied to the structure E1MARAM. In this case, E1MARAM does have the field AENNR but not in MARA. Hence, somehow we need to fetch it and assign it to the E1MARAM.

Once we identify the customer exit, we can double click on the INCLUDE and press ENTER to activate it. It will take us inside the FM and there we can find the INCLUDE.

Step2: Logic for fetching the change number and assigning it to E1MARAM structure.

Now, we can put the logic inside the include for fetching the change number.


Step3:Execute the REPORT RBDMIDOC for your MESSAGE TYPE.  

It will create the IDOC from the change pointers.

Step4:Verify the IDOC for E1MARAM and check if the AENNR is getting filled 

Note: Please note that this is generic solution and user needs to make some more changes depending on the his/her requirement.

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