Modifications to the SAP standard menu

By Sneha Latha


You would like to include the link to your company intranet portal or the end user manual in all the SAP transactions for making it easier to the end-users.  


Create a transaction which navigates to the required portal or the end user manual as required.  


Go to transaction SE41.  

Enter the program name MENUSYST.  


Select the radio button Status and select the value MEN using F4.  


Click on change. Following screen would be displayed:  


Double-click on System. The menu is expanded.


Now you can add your own menu items here. Please note that the change would reflect in all the transactions this is being used.  

Select the position where you would like to include your custom menu-item and do the right-click. Now select “Insert entry” from the context menu.




Enter the custom menu-item as required.  


ZCOMPANY is the custom transaction code created for testing purpose.  

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