Restricting Parked Document to Post using Business Transaction Events (BTE)

By Venkat Reddy, Microexcel Inc

Scenario- Usually FI users post or park documents every day.

In the current SAP system user who PARKS the document same document can be posted by any other user.

In order to restrict the above mentioned process user who has parked the document needs to be posted only by the same user not by the other user. Meaning we need to put a check wherein only the user who has parked the document needs to be allowed to post the document.

Pre-Requisites : Need to have basic knowledge on BTE’s and Parking & Posting FI documents.

Process in STEP-BY-STEP

For explaining purpose I have used 2 users one is ‘SAPUSER’ and other ‘90538’.

By using User id 90538 a document is parked and steps are shown as below –

·         Enter T-code FBV1 (park document)

·         Give the necessary header info as shown in the below screen shot and press enter.

·         Input the amount and other line item.

·         SAVE the document.

We can see document is been parked.

Ø  In Order to restrict any other user to post the document other than 90538, BTE can be implemented.

Steps to Identify BTE

Ø  Way-1 of Identifying Suitable BTE

·         Enter T-Code - FIBF

·         Menu->Environment->infosystems(processes)

·         Press execute.

·         We can see process 00002213 is apt for our required scenario to achieve.

Ø  Way-2 of Identifying Suitable BTE

·         T-code to park a document is FBV1, program to execute FBV1 is ‘SAPLF040’

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