Copy PR Header Note Text to PO Header Text using Userexit

By Thangaraj Paulraj, HLL Lifecare Ltd


This document explains, how the PR Header Note text is copied to PO Header Text through User exit EXIT_SAPMM06E_012

Steps to be followed

1.     Identify the user exit

2.     Create PR with header note text

3.     Build a logic to copy PR header note text to PO header text in the user exit

4.     Create PO and save it, then the PR header note will be copied to PO header text

STEP 1 – Identifying the user exit

Find the program name for transaction ME21N -> Program Name SAPLMEGUI

ME21N ->  System -> status -> Program

Go to attribute for the program and get the Package

SAPLMEGUI ->Goto ->Attributes ->Package

Go to Transaction CMOD -> Utilities -> SAP Enhancements





Create a Purchase Requisition with header Note text in ME51N transaction

Double Click on the text to get the text information

Click here to continue..

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