Step by Step guide for BADI Multiple use implementation

By Vijayendra Krishnamurthy Rao, Hewlett-Packard

Step 1 à Enter a BADI Definition name and Click on the CREATE button.

Enter a short description and under the TYPE section choose if you wish to have multiple implementation or a Filter object to the BADI.

See F1 help on the multiple use and Filter to find more details

Click on Save and create a TP


Step 2 à Define the Interface

Use the menu GOTO à  INTERFACE or simply double click on the interface name under the interface tab.

Enter the method name and define the methods parameters in the interface.

Select the method and click on the parameters button to enter the parameters for the method.

Click on Save and return back to the initial screen.

Follow the steps above to enter more methods if you wish too.

Parameters for the second method.

Click here to continue...

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