Working with Menu Exits

By Sasidhar Reddy Matli, Robert Bosch

Menu exits add items to the pull down menus in standard SAP applications. You can use these menu items to call up your screens or to trigger entire add-on applications.  

SAP creates menu exits by defining special menu items in the Menu painter. These special entries have function codes that begin with ‘+’ (a plus sign). You can specify the menu items text when activating the item in an add-on project.  

Note: along with Menu exits SAP also provides the function module exit to attach the functionality for each menu option.  

We can add customer menu options in two places:  

  • To the initial screen on the SAP menu (Area Menus)
  • To the standard menus of the standard transactions.

Example: Adding custom menu options for the standard transaction MC94.  

Identify the menu exit from the standard transaction, i.e. through SMOD.  

Go to transaction SMOD. and press F4.  


Choose from information system, if you get a screen as shown below.  


You will get the below screen. Enter the package name in Package and press enter.

(You will get the package name using attributes of the program for the transaction)  


These are the list of exits available and MCP20003 is the Menu exit.  


Go to the initial screen of SMOD transaction and enter the enhancement name and select the option component and click on display to check the list of components from the enhancement.  

You will get the components of the exit.  


Note: since the function codes for the menu options are already available, it is enough to provide the meaningful descriptions. But this enables the options only and the functionality can be linked in the function code.  

Execute the COMD transaction and provide the project name and click on Create button if the project is not yet created. Else deactivate the project by clicking on and open the project in change mode.  

Now click on enhancement assignments.  

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