Implement screen exit for MM01/MM02/MM03

By Vijayanand Poreddy


 Add new field(s) to MM01 basic data 1 view (screen) and store the values into a Ztable along with material number as primary key. 


      1.   Go to Transaction SPRO, Display IMG.

      2.   Go to Logistics-General à Material Master à Configuring the material master and execute ‘Create Program for Customized Subscreen’.  

      3.   Create a function group of your own with Y or Z. In this case the function group name given ZMGD1.  

      4.   Go to transaction SE80 and open the function group created, here the function group is ZMGD1.

      5.   Open the screen 0001. Using screen design layout (SE51), customize the screen according to the requirement.  

      6.   Write the flow logic in PAI and PBO as per the requirement.  

      7.   PBO

o       Inactive the fields for input  when material is displayed (MM03)  

o       Retrieve the data from Ztable for material change/display (MM02/MM03)   

      8.   PAI

o       Export the data into memory


      9.   Now go to transaction SPRO, Display IMG then go to Logistics-General à Material Master à Configuring the material master and execute  ‘Define Structure of Data Screens for Each Screen Sequence’.  

  10.   Select the corresponding screen sequence number and double click on data screen button. In this case screen sequence ‘21’ has modified.  

  11.   Select  logical screen 07 (Basic Data 1) and double click on Subscreens.  

  12.   In change view of subscreens, modify the program name of sub screen 21à07à08 to the subscreen program name which is created in step 6. In this case the program name is SAPLZMGD1. Save the modifications.  

  13.   Now to save the given enhanced field value in the Ztable, write the required code in the user exit EXIT_SAPLMGMU_001.

o       Import the data from memory ( The data which is exported in PAI event, refer step 8)


Execute the transaction MM01/MM02/MM03 and test the scenario developed.

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