Adding a field to "Sales Org View2" of MM01/MM02 (No screen exit/BaDI available)

By Phani Diwakar, Yash Technologies

Requirement: In standard transaction Material Management (MM01/MM02), a custom field is to be added in the sales org view2 tab. There is no screen exit or BADI's available. We achieve this through configuration.  

Step1: Go to transaction SPRO and click on Create Program for Customized Sub screens as shown below.  

Step2: Click on execute button, the following screen appears and provide the function group ZMGD1.  


Click on save button.  

Step3: Now go to SE80 and select FUNCTION GROUP and give the created function group ZMGD1 as shown.  


These TWO screens (0001, 0002) are default screens.  

Step4: Now we have to identify the screen no where we need to add custom field. In this case, we consider sales org view2 and screen no 2157. Now select standard function group MGD1 of the transaction MM01. It contains all screens and sub screens of Material Management Transaction.  


Step5: Now right click on the screen no and copy the screen no to our function group ZMGD1 as show.  


We will get the following screen.  


Click on Ok button. We will get the following status message ' Screen SAPLZMGD1 2157 created'  

Step6: Now if we check the function group ZMGD1, screen no 2157 copied to our function group as shown.  

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