Scenario on the combination of Transaction variant and enhancement framework

By Sravani Kancharla, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Requirement:  Requirement is to create a custom transaction of MEK2 to hide some personal data related to vendor and Material (i.e. descriptions) and to restrict the further drill down’s from the menu.


This can be done by the combination of implicit enhancement technique and transaction variant.

Following are the screenshots that describe step by step procedure of the requirement.



 First we will restrict the further drilldowns from the menu bar by Transaction variant.

Create a transaction variant for MEK2.

Go to the Transaction SHD0.

Give the transaction code and the transaction variant name and click on create button.



Then it will lead you to the MEK2 ( Change condition records transaction).

Give the condition type PB00 Gross Price and click on the Key combination and select the 4th radio button and click continue.



Then the following screen appears. Give Name and short text to the screen variant.



Click on continue button.

In the next screen, give the proper input values with the help of search help and click on enter.

Note: The descriptions which are needed to be hidden will be taken care by implicit enhancement technique.

As of know we are working to restrict the further drill downs to other TCodes via menu bar by transaction variant.



After clicking on execute button, Press enter.

Then following screen appears. Then click on the menu functions button.  

After clicking on the menu functions button, expand the menu bar in the tree and select the menu functions and press on deactivate button on the bottom and press on continue button.

Note: Here the customer wants to restrict the drilldowns to MM03, XD03 and so on...

Now click on exit and save button.  

Click here to continue..

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