Modify Standard Purchasing Report Output of ME2N

By Ansumesh Kumar Samal, IBM

A very common requirement from customer is to modify the outputs of standard reports.

Here I have tried to explain how to modify the standard report ME2N output.  


Purchase Orders by PO Number: T-code: ME2N is a standard report that retrieves a purchase order details via a document number and other user-defined parameters.  

Minimum parameters in selection-screen we need to pass are valid PO number and the Scope of List.  

Scope of List defines the format in which report will get display.  

Report output look like below.  

Here in this output we need to add one additional column which will display some information as per the requirement. Here let’s add an extra field/column and display text ‘SAP Technical’ in that.  

If in scope of list field ‘ALV’ format is not available then you can do the below SPRO configuration to bring the same. One customizing request will be generated for same.


For modifying above report output, we need to modify the underlying database structure of the report. And here the structure is MEREP_OUTTAB_PURCHDOC (view: basic list). Then we can make use of any appropriate BADI/Enhancement available for population of value to the newly added field in the structure.  

Note: There are several other underlying applicable structures exists for this report which can be used in similar manner as explained below for other reporting and its modification. Here we are modifying the simple basic view of the purchasing report ME2N

Examples of other structures:        

MEREP_OUTTAB_SCHEDLINES: Schedule Lines for List Displays in Purchasing

MEREP_OUTTAB_ACCOUNTING: Account Assignment for List Display Purchasing  

Our scope for this example limits to structure MEREP_OUTTAB_PURCHDOC .Lets do a append structure for structure MEREP_OUTTAB_PURCHDOC in SE11

Add our new field for the report here, maintain enhancement category and then activate.  

Ignore warning message during activation if any.  

Now we are done with enhancement of underlying structure. Let’s execute the report ME2N and see our newly added field. You need to choose the field from Layout Option.  

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