Automatically filling the field "payment terms" and disable the same while creating PO using the transaction ME22N

By Phani Diwakar, YASH Technologies

The requirement is to capture contract number wise payment terms while creating PO. This contract number is maintained in Z-Table along with vendor and payment terms etc. When we select the contract number the corresponding payment terms should automatically reflect in payment terms irrespective of the original value and make that field display mode immediately.  

To add the contract number in the standard PO , we have to enhance the screen using the exit ‘MM06E005’.  

Step1: Go to transaction CMOD to create the project.


Click on Create button and provide the meaningful description in the following screen.


Step2: Now click on’ Enhancement assignments’ button to add the PO enhancement.  

Step3: Now click on ‘Component’ button and activate the project.  

Double click on screen ‘0101’. Then it opens screen painter to add the contract number.  

Now open the Layout editor by click on Layout button.

Select the contract number field from the table EKKO (Add the field contract number to the structure ‘CI_EKKODB’).  

Save and activate.  

Step4: Go back to ‘Flow logic’ and write the following code in POV (Process on Value-Request) to get the F4 help.  

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