Printing Attachments Of Work Order Via IW32

By Archana Pawar, Infosys Technologies


·               Business requirement is to display all the attachments related to work order and print the selected attachments via tcode IW32.

·               This can be done manually from IW32, but it requires lot of efforts as each time required attachment needs to be opened and printed. So, it’s a time consuming procedure.

·               So, in this tutorial we demonstrate how we can achieve this using custom functionality using Enhancement.

Manual printing of the attachments:

1.                   Go to IW32 and open the work order.

2.                   Select ‘services for object’.

3.                   Select attachment list, it will display the attachments for the work order.


4.                   In current scenario, for printing the attachments, user have to follow the above procedure, open the document and then print it. Every time, user must to open the document manually and then print it.

5.                   So, the procedure becomes time consuming and also involves lots of efforts.

6.                   In order to achieve this functionality, I have used Enhancement IW010018 to display all the attachments related to work order and we can print as all the attachments at the same time.

7.                   Below I have demonstrated this functionality.

Enhancement IW010018:

Function exit used for this object is ‘EXIT_SAPLCOIH_018’ and screen exit ‘SAPLXWOC’ shown below.

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