Screen Exit for Notification Header (TCode: IW21) and show the custom fields in standard report for notifications (IW28, IW29)

By Mohan Babu K J, IBM India

The user exit used is QQMA0001. Steps are given below.

1.       Create a project YPM01 in CMOD transaction code.


2.       Add the enhancement assignment QQMA0001 in the project.

3.       Go to Components and double click on the screen 0100.

4.       Before creating the customer fields in screen, create the fields in QMEL table of structure CI_QMEL.


5.       Then create the custom fields in screen 0100.

6.       Open FM EXIT_SAPMIWO0_008 and create include ZXQQMU0. This FM is used to pass the value from table to screen fields.

7.       Open FM EXIT_SAPMIWO0_009 and create include ZXQQMU08. This FM is used to pass the value from screen to structure to store the value in table.

8.       Activate the project. Now go to IW21 and see the custom fields. Functional consultant will do the configuration where to show these fields.

9.       Now we can see how we can get these values in the standard report for notification. The transaction codes are IW28 and IW29.

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