Step by Step guide on BADI with Filter implementation

By Vijayendra Krishnamurthy Rao, Hewlett-Packard

Step 1 à Before implementing filter objects to a BADI. We need to deactivate all the implementation for that BADI.

Go to SE18 (BADI definition) and from there navigate to all BADI implementation to view all the active implementations for that BADI.

Select the BADI implementations listed on the screen and deactivate the implementation. Once done, return back to the initial screen of SE18 and proceed with next step.

Step 2 à go to SE18 – BADI Definition screen and change the existing BADI definition that we created in the earlier tutorial.


Select the FILTER –DEPENDENT check box under the TYPE section. This will open up the FILTER TYPE field for inputs.

And do an F1 on the FILTER TYPE field.

Click on the F4 on the FILTER TYPE field name and enter some search criteria to find a relevant data element.

And click on the continue button

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