Add new parameters and enhance source code of standard Function Module

By Shweta Chavan, Hitachi Consulting


Many times the existing functionality in standard function module is not sufficient for a developer. In such cases, to little more functionality, we copy the standard FM and make the ‘Z’ custom copy of it. Or else create the custom new FM for extra functionality and call multiple function modules.

In SAP’s new enhancement Framework, SAP has provided this new enhancement technique which allow user to enhance the standard function module. So when there are small changes required we can enhance the function module itself. Once we made changes in standard FM, new changes would be available to all objects in environment.

This article will elaborate you the way to enhance the standard function module. Here we are taking example of Function module LAST_WEEK. We are enhancing the parameters in EXPORT & TABLES with source code enhancement. We will also be enhancing the global data to declare some new variables.

First let’s see the original function module, its parameters & output.

Import & Export parameters:

Original Function module output:

Let’s now enhance this function module. We will add one more parameter in Export which will give no of holidays in that week. We will also add table which hold details on holidays. Once we enhance this function module LAST_WEEK it will start giving more appropriate details of last week.

Steps to Enhance Interface

1.     Go to Export parameter screen select menu Function Moduleà Enhance interfac

2.     A pop-up will come to Create Enhancement Implementation. Give the details to create custom implementation and click on , give the package and save.  

3.     Now you can add required parameter in editable rows.

4.     We also need to add new table. So we will also add required table under tables tab.

5.     Save the enhancement and activate it.

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