BADI implementation for transaction FB60

By Muthuvel Kumaran, Kaavian Systems

Aim: To create a BADI implementation for FB60 transaction, that does not allow user to create duplication reference for Vendor Invoice Creation.


Keep a break point in CALL METHOD cl_exithandler=>get_class_name_by_interface” line inside the get_instance method of the class cl_exithandler in Class builder (SE24).


Now execute FB60 transaction, you will see the debugger that you set in SE24 transaction. Double click on the changing parameter “EXIT_NAME”. Press F8 sequentially and make a note of the exit names.


After you see FB60 just continue with the Vendor Invoice creation and in mean time note all the Exit names that you come through in the debugger.


Give the values for all mandatory fields and press Enter.  

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