Enhancement Framework

  • Adding Explicit Enhancement to custom program (More details) NEW
  • Add new parameters and enhance source code of standard Function Module (More details) NEW
  • Adding custom tab to the transaction VF01/VF02/VF03 Header detail screen (More details)
  • Adding custom tab to the transaction VF01/VF02/VF03 item detail screen (More details)
  • Validating the Document Types in MIRO and MIR7 While Posting the Entry (More details)
  • Scenario on the combination of Transaction variant and enhancement framework (More details)
  • Picking material description from custom table in the SAP Sales Order (VA01 and VA02) using enhancement framework (More details)
  • Setting the screen elements as mandatory in the transaction DP95 using Enhancement Framework (More details)
  • Scenario on Enhancement Framework (More details
  • Restrict the modification of Delivery item texts - Using Implicit enhancement technique (More details)
  • Display GL Account long text instead of short text in FB03 Transaction using enhancement framework (More details) NEW


  • Deactivate Hold functionality in Purchase order screen (ME21N) (More details) NEW
  • Add additional fields in FBL5N (Customer line item report) using BADIs (More details) NEW
  • Copying Sales Order attachments to the invoice using BADI SD_CIN_LV60AU02 (More details) NEW
  • ERROR message MEPO151 in BADI ‘ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST’ (More details)
  • Modify Standard Purchasing Report Output of ME2N (More details
  • Custom tab in Delivery (VL01N) – Header / Item Level (More details)
  • BADI implementation for transaction FB60 (More details)
  • BADI implementation for transaction CS01 (More details)
  • Adding a field (material group) in the layout of Batch Information Cockpit (BMBC) (More details)
  • Fallback class in a BADI (More details)
  • Step by Step guide on BADI with Filter implementation (More details)
  • Step by Step guide on BADI Multiple use implementation (More details)
  • Defining and implementing a BADI (step-by-step with screenshots) (More details)  
  • Defining and implementing BADI (With better screenshots) (More details)
  • Understanding Business Add-ins (BADI) (More details)  
  • Filtering the work items in the SAP inbox using BADI (More details)
  • Implementing the BADI for the transactions VL02 & MM02 (More details
  • Exercise on BADI (More details)  

User Exits/Screen Exits/Menu Exits

  • Customer exit for passing extra fields in Master data distribution using SMD tool (Shared master data tool) (More details) NEW
  • Step by step guide on adding a new tab in ME21N using a BADI (More details)
  • Automatically filling the field "Payment Terms" and disable the same while creating PO using the transaction ME22N (More details)
  • Adding custom fields to the Purchase Order transaction ME22N using Exits (More details)
  • Adding a field to "Sales Org View2" of MM01/MM02 (No screen exit/BaDI available) (More details)
  • Printing Attachments Of Work Order Via IW32 (More details)
  • Adding Fields to CJI3 Report (More details)
  • Screen Exit for Notification Header (TCode: IW21) and show the custom fields in standard report for notifications (IW28, IW29) (More details)
  • Modifications to the SAP standard menu (More details)
  • Working with Menu Exits (More details)
  • Adding custom fields to the transaction CS01,CS02 and CS03 (Bill of Materials) (More details)
  • Implementing Screen Exits for the transaction MIGO (More details)
  • Implementing Screen Exit for the transaction CO01 (More details)
  • Changing the description of the standard SAP fields (More details)
  • Implementing Screen Exit in "CJ01" (More details)
  • Adding a custom screen in XD01(More details)
  • Implementing Screen Exit for MM01/MM02/MM03 (More details)
  • How to implement a screen exit to a SAP Standard transaction (More details)
  • Finding user exits using a TCode (More details)
  • Working with User Exits (More details
  • Implementing Field Exit for the transaction MK01 (More details
  • Adding custom fields using EEWB Transaction (More details)
  • User exit to display Vendor name in Payment run in FI (More details) NEW
  • Copy PR Header Note Text to PO Header Text using Userexit (More details) NEW

Business Transaction Events (BTE)

  • Sending Payment Advice to Multiple E-Mails Ids and Changing Subject line of payment advice using BTEs (More details) NEW
  • Restricting Parked Document to Post using Business Transaction Events (BTE) (More details) NEW
  • Triggering IDOC using BTE when Material is changed in MM02 Transaction (More details)
  • Scenario on triggering a BTE when a vendor is changed (Transaction FK02) (More details)
  • Adding custom fields to the FI report FBL5N using BTEs (More details)
  • E-mail EFT Remittance using BTE (More details


  • Extend the standard SAP IMG Implementation Guide (More details) NEW
  • Step by step procedure to enhance the BP using BDT (More details)

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