Changing the description of the standard SAP fields

By Madhavi

Consider the following scenario:

When entering the customer master details, we have the provision for entering the telephone number with extension, fax and telebox. Assume that we also need to enter the mobile number of the customer for which there is no provision. Also assume that we do not use telebox for any of our customers and want to use that field for entering the mobile number. Though you can directly enter the mobile number in the field “telebox” , the description ‘telebox’ always misguides us. See the screenshot below: 


This tutorial focuses on changing the field descriptions for scenarios similar to above.  

All the short-descriptions for the fields are retrieved from the data element level of the corresponding fields. So we need to change the descriptions at the data-element level.

So our first step is to know the data element used for the field “Telebox”. Press F1 and then F9 to know the data element. See the screenshot below:


Make a note of the data element.  

Now go to transaction CMOD


Click on Goto à Text enhancements à Keywords à Change 


Enter the data element.


Click enter. The following screen would appear: 


Now change the descriptions as per the requirement. See the screenshot below:


Click on save. 

Now to verify the changes, go to SE11 and enter the table name ADDR1_DATA. Check the short description for the field EXTENSION2: 


Also go to transaction XD01 / XD02 and check the field:


The description “Telebox” is now changed to “Mobile No”.

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