Running multiple versions of NWDS in one PC

By Venkat Busireddy, Accenture

This document will be useful when we have to work on the multiple versions of NWDS, This would be suitable for Enhancement projects, and helps in avoiding different systems for each application like applications developed on the NW04 & NW04s.  

In our project, we had worked on two different applications, one application is developed on NW4 (NWDS version 2.0.19) and other is developed on NW4S (NWDS version 7.0.14). Then we referred some blogs, but that was not suitable for our environment.  

Steps on Existing NWDS setup:  

Version: NetWeaver '04 Developer Studio (E.g: 2.0.19)

1.       Go to the program files->sap folder where the NWDS has been installed in your system (E.g : C:\Program Files\SAP)

2.       Rename the JDT folder to avoid the overwriting with new version.

3.       The name can be related to you Version or set up like NW4 or NW4s


4.       Go back to desktop and right click on the Shortcut link.

5.       Change access path in “Target” and “Start in” fields of NWDS as mentioned in the below screen.

6.       After completing above steps. You can to start installing new version of NWDS set up.

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