Create and Export Transport Request in Enterprise Portals

By Satya Pujahari, HCL Technologies

Login to Portal server with admin rights  


Click on System Administration  

Click on Transport  

In the Left pane, drill down Transport Packages and click on Export  


In the middle windowpane, open folder Portal Content à  Transport Packages  

Right click on AMD Transport Packages and Click on New à Transport Package  


Provide the Package Name, Description and ID details like shown in below screen  


Click on Next  

Review the Package details and click Finish  


Click OK to view transport package which was created  


On right window pane select the radio button ‘Yes’ for the parameter “Resolve References“


In the middle pane, go down to required Content folder which needs to be transported from main Portal Content Folder.  

Right click on Folder and click on Add all objects (it includes all subfolders, iviews, roles etc… under this selected folder) to Transport Package  


It will give a default warning message that this action may take longer time to export the selected content.  

Click Yes.

Review the displayed Objects, iviews, roles, folders etc… for the Selected Content and Click Save  

Note: Check the Resolved References value again to make sure that it has been selected as ‘Yes’.  


Click Yes if you make any changes to these objects  

Click here to continue....


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