SAP BI Role upload to portal

By Nagaraju Annam, WIPRO Technologies

1.     Prerequisites

Before you upload objects from the BI system into the portal, you must carry out the following steps:

● Import the plug-in

Now you have to import the SAP Basis Plug-In into every BI system from which you want to do an upload. Only then will the functions need for the upload be completely available.

For more information, see the SAP Reference IMG -> SAP Customizing Implementation Guide -> SAP NetWeaver -> Business Intelligence -> Settings for Reporting and Analysis -> BEx Web -> Integration into the Portal -> Import SAP Basis Plug-In into the BI System.

● Authorizations in the BI System

You need the authorization S_RFC in the BI system for the function group PWP2.

● Configuring the system landscape in the portal

You need to create a system in the portal within the portal system landscape for every BI system from which you upload objects.

For more information, see the SAP Reference IMG ->SAP NetWeaver® Business Intelligence -> Settings for Reporting and Analysis -> BEx Web ® Integration into the Portal -> Create BI System in the Portal.

2.     Steps Involved

2.1  BI Content Load to the Portal  

The BI objects will be imported in to the portal through the portal role upload tool.

That upload tool functionality is used to import all relevant BI menu roles in the portal.

The roles upload process is going to create the following:  

Following describe the upload process.

Loading new BI roles to the Portal

Following describes the BI roles upload process in to the portal:  

  • Identify the technical name of the BI menu role to be imported to the BI Portal, e.g. ZS_G_##_M_####_______SU_####
  • In the portal, System administrator, Portal Upload, search for the BI menu role with the technical name
  • The Upload Process should only be done on the development Porta)
  • The uploaded or modified portal content will be transported from the Development to Quality portal using the Portal Import / Export mechanism.

Delete first the content of the PCD folder for Migrated Content à SAPComponentSystems, since all new PCD objects to be imported will be saved by default on this SAP standard folder.  

Type the name of the menu role in the Search-ID field.  

Select the SAP System Name SAP_BI and select Search button.  

Select the Prefix of the Objects when they are imported to the Portal content directory.

Please refer to the Portal Naming convention part on this document to place the correct PCD names, since these will be saved by the system after the import process.  

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