Steps for Adding Widgets on WEB UI Home Page

By Vijay Bhaskar Raju

Whenever User logs onto the WEB UI  home page ,if the user want to see some webpage like (,saptechnical) following configuration has to be done in CRM 7.0 EHP1.

Step 1:   Go to SPRO.Click on SAP Reference IMG as shown below.

Using the below path CRM->UI Framework->UI Framework Definition->Define Web Links  as shown in the below screen shot.

Step 2: Select Define Web Links and click on New Entries for defining a new Web Link which is to be displayed as user logs on to the WEB UI.

Now enter the following details and save it in a Customizing request.

Step 3: After Creating a Web Link, Create a WIDGET group by clicking on Define Groups for Widget Links.

After Creating Widget Group, Assign the previously created WEB link to the Widget Group.

Note: Save.

Step 4: Now go to the Business Role where the WIDGET has to be displayed.

            Go to transaction CRMC_UI_PROFILE (Define Business Roles)

  Using the path Define business Roles->Select the Business Role(ZSALESPRO)->click on Assign Function Profiles and

   Give the    Function Profile ID     -   WIDGET_LINKS

                    Profile value               -   ZVIJAY_GID (Widget Link Group ID)

Note:  Save.

Step 5: Execute the CRM_UI transaction.

       Logon to the WEB UI with the same Business Role (e.g. ZSALESPRO) for which WIDGET is added, and click on Personalize as shown below.

In the Preferences block, click on personalize Widgets for your home page->Personalize Widgets.

Now you see the URL in the Available Widgets which u added .Move it to the Displayed Widgets and save it.

Step 6: Now go to the home page click on Personalization as shown in below screen and select the widget which was added.  

Click on Sap Technical widget which you added.

Now you will see the screen as below.

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