Adding new text types in SAP CRM

By Arunmozhivarman Viswanathan, Kaar Technologies

This document will explain in detail about creating text types in SAP CRM by means of extending the business transaction with new relations in the SPRO and enhancing the standard service component SRQM_INCIDENT_H to include the new text type added.


Click on extending relations in the transaction SPRO in CRM:


Click on the new entries and add the text type as below with the necessary details and save it. This will prompt you for a ‘workbench request’.


Now the GenIL layer will show the newly added text types:


Click on dependent object ‘BTTextH’:

The text type ‘ztm8’ will show up in the aggregation part:

STEP 5: 

Now we need to include the newly added text type as a context node in the standard service component ‘SRQM_INCIDENT_H’.

Go to the component workbench with the above component and enhancement set.

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