Advanced Search Component for OneOrder Objects in SAP CRM 7.0 Part 1

By Rahul A Koshti, TATA Consultancy Services


Crate a search component for one order objects. The Search component has 2 views, one for search criterias and the other for result list respectively.

Go to Genil Model Browser via Transaction Code GENIL_MODEL_BROWSER. As shown below the Dynamic Search/Query Object BTQ1Order is available in the Genil. This Dynamic Query Object BTQ1Order has the BTQR1Order as Query Result Object.

The Query Result Object is associated to BTOrder via relation BTADVS1Ord.

Dynamic Query Object - BTQ1Order

Query Result Object – BTQR1Order

1.     Go to transaction code BSP_WD_CMPWB and enter the component name. e.g. ZRAK_ORDERSRCH.

2.     Add the BT Model.

3.     Right Click on Views and choose ‘Create’ from context menu.


4.     Enter View name ‘Search’.

5.     Add Both the Model nodes. Use model BTQ1Order to enter search criteria and BTQR1Order for result list purpose.


6.     Choose the Empty View.

7.     Create new Custom Controller. E.g. QueryCuCo.

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