Creating an OVP (Overview Page) with Assignment Blocks, displaying table data based on input given

By Vijay Bhaskar Raju

Overview page (OVP)

An overview page displays all the information related to one SAP CRM business Object instance; for example one sales order, one service ticket, one service campaign.ovps are scrollable as this is the format that internet users are familiar with. The most important information is shown in the first assignment block. The other blocks contain what is often called dependent data.

Prerequisite: Need the basic knowledge of SAP CRM.

At the end, you will be able to do:

Creation of Custom WEB UI Component, Creation of OVP and Assigning Views to OVP, fetching the table data based on the input given. Creation of two Context Nodes and using it in the same OVP.

Step 1. Creation of WEB UI Component: Use transaction BSP_WD_CMPWB

Enter component name (e.g. ZOVP) in field component and click on create.

Enter the description and window name (e.g. Main Window) and click on continue. Choose a package and click on continue and provide workbench request. Your component will looks as given below.

Step 2: In order to available all the related BOL entities,

    Go to->Runtime Repository->Edit Mode->Models->Right Click on Model->Add Model->Continue->Save. Your component will looks as given below.

Note: Come out of the component and again give the component name and click on display. Now you can see the BOL model browser.

Step 3: Now start creating Views.

Go to->Component Structure Browser->Views->Right Click On View->Create

After clicking on complete button save it in a Package. Your component will looks as given below.

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