Creating a Dropdown in SAP CRM WebUI

By Gokul Ragunathan, Infinite Computer Solutions

In this tutorial we will be creating a dropdown box in CRM WebUI for SEX (Gender) attribute. In dropdown list we will get possible entries for this field sex

1.       To create a dropdown list box in CRM WebUI, first of all we should get the attribute name, node, view, component details. To get this details click on the particular field in WebUI(Web Browser) and press F2, you will the following pop up


2.       Note down the Component name-> View name->Context node->Attribute from the F2 pop up and go to Tcode BSP_WD_CMPWB. Give the component name which we got in F2 and click display

3.       Then click on Views in tree structure of left hand side. Double click on the view name which we got from F2 Pop up, we will now get detailed display in right hand side. Click on respective node and reach the attribute


4.       Right click on the attribute and Generate V_Getter method. This in turn will create Value help method for this attribute


5.       Insert the following line of code in GET_V_SEX method

Here we have to create the class ZCL_VALUE_HELP_SEX in SE24 manually, with standard interfaces provided by SAP for this purpose  

6.       Go to Tcode SE24 create class ZCL_VALUE_HELP_SEX


7.       Now add the following two standard interfaces to our class, so that we can use its method to populate values in our dropdown


8.       As we have implemented the interface, we will be having some interface methods in our class

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