Creating a button in CRM WEB UI

By Vishesh Agarwal, Sparta Infotech


This tutorial deals with how you can add button in any view on the overview page and trigger any event on it.  


First press F2 on the above screen to get its view name.

Then go to that component and click on request processing drop down.


Then right click on DO_PREPARE_OUTPUT METHOD.

And click on REDEFINE.  

Then double click on it and add the below code on it.

Then go to its htm page.

Now create an attribute.

Add below code.

<thtmlb:toolbar id = "HeaderToolbar"
            buttons     = 
"<%= controller->gt_button %>"
            maxButtonNumber = 
            foreignUse       = 
"TRUE" />

Then in order to trigger any event on it right click on event handler and create a new event.

Then enter the event name and the event will be created.

Now you can go to that event and add your desired code in it.


This is the way to create a new button in any view and trigger an event on it.

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