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By Ravi Veera Venkata, Igate


Application Enhancement Tool (AET)

In SAP CRM 4.0 to 6.0, we have been using the GUI based tool called Easy Enhancement Work Bench (EEWB) for the creation of new custom fields for business objects.

In SAP CRM 7.0, a new WEB UI based development tool has been introduced by SAP called the Application Enhancement Tool (AET) for creation of fields for business objects. This tool is integrated with the UI Configuration Tool. It is an enhanced version of the older EEWB tool. It also supports Mobile, BI, Advanced Search, Search Result List, Drop Downs and F4 helps to be incorporated with the field from the UI itself.

AET has many advantages over EEWB. AET is very easy to use and not much technical knowledge is required to create fields using AET as compared to EEWB. AET is also considered less risky as compared to EEWB as deletion of the extension fields is very easy. In AET a new separate append is created for each of the new field created. So it is more flexible as compared to EEWB.

SAP recommends using AET as and wherever supported than EEWB in SAP CRM.

Create New field using AET

Step 1:

In order to use AET, some basic settings and authorizations are required.

First of all, we need to decide on the Package name and Generation prefix (optional) for extensions created for your enhancement. Once it is decides, we would set it in the system using the transaction ‘AXTSYS’. The Namespace is automatically derived from the above information. This is a onetime activity.

Alternative path for the defining the system settings in the SPRO transaction is:

SPRO->SAP Reference IMG->Customer Relationship Management->UI Framework->UI Framework Definition->Application Enhancement Tool->Define System Settings.

Once the settings are done, we have to enable the AET tool from the WEB UI front end screen.

Step 2:

For accessing the AET tool from UI, we have to first enable the ‘Configuration Mode’ in the path Personalize->Settings->Personalize Settings path from the WEB UI screen.

Check the ‘Enable Configuration Mode’ check box option under ‘Configuration Mode’ section and save it.

Note: - In order for this option to be available and visible in your Personalize Settings, the user should have authorization to SAP object ‘CONFMOD’.

Once the configuration mode is enabled, the ‘Show Configurable Areas’ icon would be displayed for the user on his WEB UI screens.

Now the AET is ready for use from the UI screen.

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