Merging multiple transport requests into one

By Piyush Mathur, Tata Consultancy Services

This document provides the step-by-step procedure to merge multiple transport requests into single transport request.  

Let’s start with small introduction with transport request.  

Transport requests are available to transport the developed objects/Configurations from one system to another system. In general, we develop the objects first in Development system and later move it to Quality and Production system.  

There are two types of transport requests:  

  1. Workbench Transport Request

  2. Customizing Transport Request

Workbench Request:  

Workbench request records client independent objects like reports, Functions, tables. Client independent objects are available across the system irrespective of client.  

Customizing Request:  

Customizing request records client dependent objects like table entries, SPRO configurations. Client dependent objects are only available to particular client.  

SE01, SE09 and SE10 are the transaction codes for SAP Transport Management system.

Below are the steps to merge the transport request.  

***You can only merge multiple Workbench transport requests in Workbench request and same applicable to Customizing request.  

Execute transaction code SE10, select the radio button “Workbench Requests” and click on display.  


Following list is displayed with the Workbench requests (modifiable):  


For example you need to merge above two transport requests into one request.

First click on New and create a workbench request.  


Now select the Transport request in which you want to merge another request. Click on merge button and give the transport request no. Cick on Green tick.  


Now expand the request, you will get the entry of merged transport request.  


With same steps you can add more transport requests in your request.

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