SAP System Load Generator (SGEN)

By Nitesh Jain, Infosys Technologies

Introduction –

The transaction SGEN is used to generate ABAP loads for programs, function modules/groups and other applications also like Business Server Page applications (BSP applications).

SAP Uses Report RSPARAGENLOD to generate SGEN.

Pre-Requisites –

Before we start the generation, make sure that we have some space in the database approx 5 GB and make sure that the tablespaces are not full.

Procedure for Using the SAP Load Generator –

On the initial screen of SGEN we can select the tasks which we need for generation. The following options are available.


1.     Generate all Objects of Selected Software Components

We can use this option if we want to generate the loads for all the objects for some selected software components. After selecting this option press  and in the next screen we can select the particular software component.


2.     Regenerate After an SAP System Upgrade

After an SAP System Upgrade we need to generate the loads of the ABAP objects in the system. This option for generation takes care of all the pre-requisites. It consists of all objects with loads that were available in our system before the upgrade and all objects that were redelivered due to system upgrade. The names of the objects that were generated before the upgrade were stored in the REPLIST file in the current directory of your system during the upgrade (profile parameter DIR_HOME).

After selecting this option press  and in the next screen we can select the particular software component.


3.     Regenerate the Objects of the Last Run

This option is suitable if the generations of the objects in the previous run were terminated and we want to regenerate the objects of the last run.

 After selecting this option press  and we can now have two options as below - :

Resume – In this type of the generation set, those objects which were not generated in the last/previous run due to termination or system error will be generated.

Regeneration - All objects of the generation set used in the previous run of transaction SGEN are generated.

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