How to Enable Database Table Logging and analyze the log records using Transaction Code SCU3

By Rahul Manoj Mahajan, John Deere India


In this article, we will learn how to enable the database table logging and how to analyze the log records using transaction code SCU3.

Purpose of Table Logging: In order to track the DATA CHANGES to the customizing data (and/or even other types of data). (Field changes to the tables can be tracked from version management)

Using the logging flag we can define whether changes to the data records of a table should be logged. If logging is switched on, each change to an existing data record (with UPDATE, DELETE) by the user or application program is recorded in the database in a log table (DBTABPRT).

Steps to be followed:

1)     Check if your SAP R/3 system has the logging option enabled or not

This is very important step because if it is disabled and if you activate the table logging in Technical Settings for any table, it won’t log the data changes to that table.

In order to verify if our R/3 System has the table logging flag set or not, we can use the REPORT RSPARAM which displays all profiles in the system with their values.

The parameter rec/client is used for controlling table logging at R/3 system level.

Click on Execute and following screen will appear.

Again click on Execute and it will display the following screen. Then Search the parameter rec/client and check the values as follows:

In this case, it is disabled. We can see that the values are set as OFF.

2)     Enable the Table logging by Setting the parameter REC/CLIENT

If you found that in step 1) that SAP R/3 system does not have the logging enabled, you need to ask your BASIS team to do it for you. Once they did it for you, you can repeat the step 1) and it will look like as follows:  


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