Role Transfer from Enterprise Portal to SAP

By Sandeep Sharma, Sparta Consulting Inc   

1.    To access connected SAP systems with portal roles, you must transfer the portal roles and user assignments to one SAP system and generate SAP authorizations for the connected systems there. In this presentation we will go through the steps involved in transferring portal roles to backend SAP system.

2.      Find the logical system name from either SCC4 or SALE transaction of SAP backend system. In this the entry is HDRCLNT110.

3.  Go to transaction SM30 ,enter the table name WP3ROLESYS and click maintain

4.  Enter the logical system name and check the role maint active

5.  In Portal create a system with following properties in the connector category.

6.  Test the system for Connection Test for Connectors

7. Connection should be successful

8.  For the demonstration I have created Transaction iview (VA03) and included that in SALES role

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