Assigning Roles to a Position in HCM

By Mohit Bouri, Tata Consultancy Services

This document covers the step by step process of assigning roles to a position which in turn is assigned to an employee/user. As in SAP HR, we assign roles to a position which is held by an employee/user.

First go to PA30 and fetch the details of the corresponding employee/user.


Then, Select the Organizational Assignment (IT0001) and display the infotype


Take the details of the position held by the employee (position no) as highlighted in the screen shot. Once you have the position details, Execute the tcode “PFCG”.

Mention the role you wish to assign to the employee/user and select the “Change” icon. Then go to “User” tab and select “Organizational Management” button.

Once you select “Organizational Management” button, following screen will appear.

Select the second option from left on top i.e. “Create Assignment” as highlighted in the screen shot. Following screen will appear.  


Select the “Position” option from the dialog box and click enter.

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