How to check and implement OSS notes

By Shivaji Gannavarapu, Wipro Technologies

SAP Service Marketplace is one point communication with collection of different portals for all customers, partners with SAP.  

OSS is an online SAP service portal which that has updates about SAP patches and latest SAP note information. If standard SAP program has any bug or error, SAP will provide small correction instructions as SAP notes for customers.  The correction instructions are implemented either automatically from the transaction ‘SNOTE’ or manually by registering the individual object in the online service portal for modification.

To check for SAP Notes through the service portal  

1.Open the URL – ‘http: //’ in a browser.  And select the SAP Support Portal.  

2. Enter the OSS ID and password to login to the support portal.  

 3. Once we login to the SAP support portal, select the menu ‘Help & Support’. In that again select ‘Search for SAP Notes’. A selection screen is displayed where we can search for OSS notes by

 1. A note number,

 2. A Search term (Any description, for ex:  ‘short dump in QE51N’, etc).  

Report a product error and Create SAP Message  

When, we don’t find a relevant SAP Note for with a required correction/fix, we can report an issue to SAP.  Select ‘Help & Support ->‘Report a product error’ menu.  Select the appropriate System ID.  

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