Enable SAP Out Of The Box Enterprise Services (SAP OOTB ES)

By Kavitha Krovi, Southern California Edison


This article describes briefly the Installation and Configuration approach of SAP Out-Of-The-Box Enterprise Service Bundles in to SAP ECC and SAP PI ESR (Enterprise Service Repository) Landscapes. This document helps SAP Architects & Basis team to understand the approach, impacts etc.

Purpose of this Document: This document outlines complete step-by- step solution for installation and configuration procedures for enablement of SAP out of the box ES bundles into your ECC and SAP PI ESR Landscapes.


Enterprise Services allow you to leverage SAP solutions to include a wide range of composite applications that are provided by customers and partners to build new, flexible, and innovative solutions. Enterprise Services are highly-integrated Web services combined with business logic and semantics that can be accessed and used repeatedly to support a particular business process.

SAP offer Enterprise Service Operations bundled into specific criteria like Industry, Business Processes as ES Bundles. SAP publishes all these Enterprise Services that support SAP Business Suite functionality on the Enterprise Services Workplace in the SAP Developer Network (SDN). The ES Workplace lets you browse and test enterprise services. You can drill down from industry to solution map to business scenario, all the way to the service and WSDL (from the Enterprise Services Repository) for that service. The business process team/Enterprise, SAP Architects, can really see what enterprise services SAP has to offer for their particular industry or application area.

Enablement Process

All SAP OOTB ES are available for SAP customers to download and install in to their Landscapes. To achieve enablement of SAP Out Of The Box (OOTB) Enterprise Services, SAP ECC/any other SAP application systems required to install and activate applicable Business ad-in’s also called as Business Functions, select Technical Usage into SAP ECC system, and import ES bundles into SAP PI ESR Landscapes.

Enablement process divided into 3 phases listed below:

Phase 1: Analysis: Identify and prepare a list ES Bundles to be installed.

Phase 2: Install: Install and Configure, apply Technical usage and Activate Business Function in ECC System/SAP Applications System.

Phase 3: Search, add & Import XI Content into SAP PI ESR System.

  • Analysis: Identification of software components and applicable Business Functions according to business/industry requirement.
  • Install: For example the software component ECC-SE contains service implementations for ECC (the ERP Central Component). This component must be explicitly installed if you intend to use enterprise services for ECC functionality. In this case you must also select the technical usage “ESA ECC-SE” during the enhancement package installation. The selected technical usages will install the corresponding software components that contain the enterprise services interfaces and implementations.
  • The relevant software component is an Add-On which contains service interfaces for service implementations in the back-end. This component has to be explicitly installed if you intend to use the service interfaces shipped with this component.
  • Configure: In the enhancement package installation process you must select all the technical usages you have identified for service enablement together with the technical usages you identified for enhanced features in SAP Business Suite.
  • Activate: Installed Business Functions along with enhancement package should be activated based on Enterprise Service usage.
  • Import: Import XI Content into SAP PI ESR System downloaded from SAP SMP (Service Market Place).

Overall Picture

Enablement Process Details

Phase 1

Step 1: Analyze and prepare a list of Pre-requisitions, Enterprise Services, ES bundles, Software Components (SC), Business Functions (BF) & Technical Usage (TU) from SAP ES work place.

Search & add to ‘Basket’ applicable ES bundles and Enterprise Services to find more details like SC, BF & TU

Step 2: Click on Show System Requirements, document details SWCV, Business Function, Technical Usage etc.

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