Installing MS SQL SERVER 2008 R2 DATABASE Software Manually (For Windows Server 2008 R2)

By Hrishav Kumar, TCS


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Add .Net Framework 3.5  


Click on Add Feature


Now install .Net Framework. Then restart your server.

Step2:(optional, as this is being done for SAP system)

Create the user for SAP system in this step:

1. Install java. Place this folder in C: Drive

2. Set Java Home Environment Variable.


3. Launch SAPinst



Ignore Error in next screen (This is a error regarding the OS.If your OS is Windows server 2008 R2. Otherwise give it a check)

Choose cancel

Choose local installation and press next.

Provide password's in next screen. The passwords should follow windows password policy (i.e. one Uppercase, one lower case and one numeric character and min eight character.)  


Click Next and start the installation.

After succesfull installation of user, check if created users (pr1adm and SAPServicePR1) are member of "Administrators" group, otherwise add it there.

Now log off from Admin user and log in as the user which has been created just now.

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