Creating and Assigning Business Roles in SAP CRM

By Uday Chandorikar, Collabera Solutions

Every user in CRM is assigned a business role depending upon the responsibilities and activities he/she undertakes to perform in the organization from time to time.

Example – Sales Personal will be assigned with “Sales Professional” Business Role, which includes all the activities that he/she performs in the sales process from SAP CRM perspective.

In the same way Marketing Personal will be assigned with “Marketing Professional” Business Role which consists of all marketing related activities.

At times we change or add activities/functionalities to different Business Roles depending upon the requirement.

We also create new Business Roles depending upon the requirement and add to the user’s account so that they can access the functionalities added into that business role. 

We will discuss on creation of Business Role and the process of assigning to the user.

Creating/ Copying Business Roles:

Path: IMG->CRM->UI Framework->Business Roles->Define Business Role

Business Role SALES PROFESSIONAL is highlighted.  

COPY the selected PFCG roles and go to T code: PFCG

A business role is associated with a PFCG role. One PFCG role can be assigned to only one Business Role. If you want to create/copy a business role similarly you need to create/copy the PFCG roles.  

Note: There is a restriction on PFCG role assignment in CRM 6.0 that one PFCG role can be assigned to one business role only, but in CRM 7.0 this restriction has been removed.  



Now we are ready with our PFCG Role Z SAP_CRM_UIU_SLS_PROFESSIONAL  


Now come to Define Business Role Screen and COPY SALESPRO to ZSALESPRO Business Role and assign our created PFCG Role ID and Hit Enter to copy all the characteristics of the Business Role.  




Now Save and Exit the screen.  

Assigning Business Role: Assignment at Organization Management Level.  

You can assign a business role either at the org unit level or to a position.  

1.       Go to TCode PPOMA_CRM

2.       Select the organization Unit - EG: IDES CRM Training.

3.       Double click on a position, in the go to menu choose Detail object--> enhanced object description.

4.       Choose the info type Business Role.

5.       Go back, right click on the position and assign the user.  

Assigning Business Role at TCode SU3 (test user):  

Maintain the parameter CRM_UI_PROFILE the business role EG: ZSALESPRO


Now you will be logged in with the Business Role that which is assigned to you.

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