Installation of SAP Netweaver Composition Environment 7.1 SP5 - Developer Edition (All steps, for beginning to the end, running a Web Dynpro for Java page)

By Raphael Bertani, LETNIS Business Solutions  

The hardware were this demo was installed


This installation is done on a notebook

What is need?

CD or ISO image of windows xp en sp2

3 GB ram recommended (if you don’t have that, you can install it without virtualization)

The files of installation of CE7.1

First and second files need to be downloaded

Lets start!

In first place we need a VM to run this demo. There are some reasons to do not install this demo in your running windows

The main reason reside on the fact of you can smash things up and have some problems. If so, you will need to reinstall your system again. In a virtualized environment, if something just gone mad, you only need to reinstall and don’t smash nothing in your running windows or Linux.

For so, let’s use Virtual Box for the job. Is a nice program and very powerful and light.

I’ll use the VirtualBox-3.2.8-64453-Win.exe but any other versions are capable to run this!

So, in the first place, download this. Install it and let’s start!

Open the program.



The minimal memory for this is that. If your machine processor is weak, maybe you have problems, but I don’t believe in that.



The size inserted will not immediately define in the system. This is only an estimative for the VM. The real size consumed by this VM will be the real size of installations files within the VM.

Finish it!

For now, we need the installation of windows XP SP2 CD or ISO image.

When we start this VM we need a boot CD or image for doing the boot.

In this tutorial, we will use an image of my personal CD of windows XP.


And finish it!

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